A New Community Experience

Starting a new community can be hard. What if we could make it simpler? That's where the Community Builder comes in. It’s an experimental new tool, currently supporting TV and anime communities, that FANDOM is testing to see if we can make building a community easier. Here you will find guides, tutorials, help, and more about our experiments.

Want to see what the Community Builder looks like?

Here are some of the communities participating in the experiment:

Why You Should Try the Community Builder

There are a lot of benefits to participating in the new community building experiment:

Quickly build a new community without needing to understand coding

Contribute content about your favorite TV shows and anime in a simpler way

Build a community of readers and contributors

Make your wiki do the work for you through our powerful structured data system

As you use the Community Builder, there are a lot of helpful resources you can use along the way. For tips, be sure to check out the Getting Started guide. For the latest updates on features and challenges with the experiment, check out The Latest and Known Issues .

Join Our Adventurous Testers!

Want to create a new community of fans for your favorite TV show or anime? Try out the new Community Builder by creating a new community of your own!

If you’re looking to play around with the experiment but don’t want to accidentally mess something up on a live community, we’ve set up this sample community for all your playground needs. Feel free to do whatever crazy things you like there without worrying about breaking anything!

By trying out this new tool you will help FANDOM learn what works, what doesn’t, and how the experiment should evolve. Thanks to this approach, you get to influence where we might take the Community Builder next.

What This Means for Existing Communities

If you’re already an experienced contributor on a FANDOM community, welcome! We’ve got some more background for you.

First off, this is an experiment, not a ready feature yet. So only use it if you want to! We know it's still missing a lot of features you may expect on a community. If you try it and think it's not ready for you yet, we're OK with that!


Every experiment answers a question. In this case, we’re asking ourselves: MediaWiki is an incredibly powerful tool, but can we create one that’s both simple and just as powerful? If we can make building a community easier for people who’ve never done it before, will more communities grow for even more fans?


We’re focusing our initial stages of the experiment on new contributors and new founders, to see what the basic tools are that the feature would need to build a successful new community . Once we have results from those early tests, we’ll share that info with the FANDOM community and bring existing users into the next stage.


Those of us with MediaWiki experience have the opportunity to look at community building in a new way. By bringing existing contributors into the next stages of the experiment and researching more advanced tools for power users, we’ll find out how to take communities to the next level of success.

So stay tuned for more news on the Community Builder experiment as it matures.