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Welcome to Community Builder

Community Builder is designed to be clean, modern and intuitive. The editing here is built to be both flexible and powerful, without needing to learn any special syntax or markup. We are currently focused on TV communities and excited to introduce you to this new experience and welcome you to participate in the experiment!

If there's something you want to do to a page that isn't implemented yet, or if you're looking for the Source Mode editor to accomplish a task that you can't accomplish here, please let us know. We are continually improving and expanding upon this experiment and this is your chance to help shape the editing experience!


Most pages are about a "thing" in the world - a person, a place, an episode, etc. Whether it's a character's age, a book's publishing date, or a TV episode's runtime, these "things" have attributes. Infobox is the best place to share this data.

To add rows to the infobox, go to Page Types under Community Management.

You can click the pencil to update the row. And once you've got a couple of rows, you can use the drag handle on the left to reorder the rows.

Information TYPES

We know a row like "age" in an infobox should be a number.

To help guide other users to adding good data, you can set a 'Type' for the row. You'll get a dialog where you can specify each row to be Text, Number, Date, One of a List, Page Link, etc.

If you pick and save something that is most suited for the data, other fans will now be gracefully guided into providing better information when they edit the row on each page.

Edit metadata row example

Once you've added rows and defined the inputs within the Infobox for everything interesting about a topic, not only will it look great and help other users input good content, but it will also unlock the power of another feature - building widgets!


insert widget

Under the "+" button within the Editing Tools menu, you'll find options for building several widgets.

Let's look at how you create a table. Once you've mastered that, also try adding a different widget using the same steps!


For those who are familiar with the MediaWiki, you know that there are many uses for organizing data into tables. However, creating and maintaining them can be challenging. Let's say, you've created a page about the first season of a TV series and would like to have a table showing all the episodes in Season 1. Every time a new episode is aired, someone would have to go back to the “Season 1” page and manually add it to the table. Not easy!

Community Builder makes this much easier. If you select 'Insert Table' from the widget dropdown, you will see a dialog similar to this:

creating a table
episode table

This is how you create a table that lists all the episodes, with airdate, main image and episode number in a matter of minutes, even seconds!

You've got a complete table of episodes in Season 1. Plus, there's so much more.

This table gets automatically updated whenever a new episode is added and someone puts '1' into the 'Season' row!

Now that you've got the basics, feel free to try out different widgets with the same queries, or try out crazy complex queries. Pages on this community are safe place to try things out!

And remember, please send us feedback if you run into any issues or you cannot accomplish what you were hoping to do. We have a lot to learn from you through your experience, and are here to get your community going!