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Survivor Outwit Outplay Outlast

Survivor Outwit Outplay Outlast

It is about a young teenager who likes to do such things.


Olivia is a young 14-year-old teenage girl. She is the youngest sibling in the family with her elder sisters; Theresa, Joanna, and Maria. She also has 2 black dogs, May Signore and Lacy Mills. Rosemary Signore is in dog-heaven. She goes to Riverdale Elementary School with her friends. She first meets Anna in 2nd grade because of their homeroom teacher, which is Mrs. Woodlee.


Olivia has fair skin, long silky dirty blonde hair causing it to appear almost brown, and bright, beautiful hazel eyes. She has a few freckles on her face. She wears variety of outfits in the series. She also has double-pierced earrings which resemble white pearls. She never wears her singles in. At first, Olivia’s skin looks quite yellow. But when she is compared with the lights on in her bedroom, her skin looks tan.


Olivia is happy all the time. Sometimes, she feels angry when she doesn’t win in video games or competitions. When she gets yelled at by her parents, she might feel sad and she starts crying when she’s sad. When she sees a special boy teacher that she likes in the hallway, she feels surprised or love-strucked.


Olivia has a crush on Mario Signore (usually Olivia’s cousin). Her mom said that Mario is not Olivia’s boyfriend, he is Olivia’s cousin. She is not allowed to go out on dates with her teachers because they are married.


Olivia appears in almost every episode. We don’t know when Olivia is going to die, but she doesn’t want to be in heaven.


"C,mon guys!"

”Whatcha doing?”

”I’m not totally sure about (something).”


Olivia's appearance looks a lot like her cousin, Macy Webb.

Olivia, Maria, and Sam are the only people with hazel eyes in the family.

Olivia took choir in 8th grade while Joanna took choir in 6th grade.

Olivia and her mother got Lacy from Mr. Howard years ago.