Siegfried and Roy Masters of the Impossible

Siegfried and Roy Masters of the Impossible


Justin Is an 10 yr old Boy with High Functioning Autism And Severe ADHD. He Grew up In Hill Ville With His Mom, Dad, His 2 Brothers, And 1 Sister. He Is Born in March 12 In Quezon City In the Philippines. 1 yr Later, He And His Family Moved To Mexico (Originally on The Family's Honeymoon). At The Age Of 2 He Spoke Spanish. And His Parents Were Surprised! At The Almost Age Of 3 He AND His Family Moved To San Diego To Hill Ville Where He Met His BFF Jake At The Age Of 4. At Hill Ville Elementary.


Justin Is a Boy that Plays Sports. He Can't Read Or Count In Some Upcoming Episodes.


Justin Is a Half Mexican Half Filipino Boy With Black Hair. He Wears A Lime Green T shirt, Light Blue Adidas Basketball Shoes And White Sneakers. His Sleepwear Is A PreTeen Sized Lime Green Onesie. For Formal Like Weddings, Honeymoons, Etc., He Wears An All Black Suit With A White Long Buttoned Sleeved Shirt With A Green Tie. For Summer Occasions, He Wears Lime Green Trunks, Scuba Diving Mask, Water Wings And A Swimming Ring (He's Autistic). For Winter Occasions, He Wears His Normal Clothes But Long Sleeved. He Wears A Lime Green Sweater, Light Blue Adidas SweatPants, And White Winter Boots. For Talent Show, And Singing Occasions He Wears A Lime Green 80s Rock Star Costume.


"Jake Dude! Dese Scary Logoz Are Attackinz uz! Plz Helpiz!! Por Favor Amigo!" - Justin's Message To His Friend Jake When Ozma Tried To Attack Him.


  • Justin's Name Was Named After Justin Timberlake
  • He Acts Similar To Black Yoshi (Super Mario Logan)
  • His Name Is ALSO Named After That Singer Justin Beiber Who Sang The MOST Disliked Song Baby.
  • His Name ALSO Starts With The Letter "J"
  • He Is A BFF To Jake Marquez (The Main Character)