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1997 Disney's One Saturday Morning

1997 Disney's One Saturday Morning

Strange Delivery is The First Episode In Om Nom Stories Created By Zeptolab , And Based In Cut The Rope Series

Mehrab's playing with a remote-controlled helicopter and suddenly, he hears the doorbell: "Ding Dong!" He says: "Who's there?" And when he opens the door, a box with a hole and a tape with the word "Feed with candy". That's strange, no ages, no address, no everything, it's just a box! So Evan cut out the box and he sees two eyes look at him and scared. Than that creature in the box shakes the box. So he follow the instructions on the feed with candy tape and give him a lollipop candy. Then, a green creature called Om Nom Also Known As Sourena , goes out of his box to eat the candy. But when he finished eating the candy, then he knows Mehrab's there and scares and decided to go to the box again. But he missed and he must quickly hide in some place else. And he runs and hides under the bed behind a shoebox. So he gives him an another candy and tells him to eat it and don't be afraid. Then he comes out of his shoebox and walk slowly to the candy and eat it. Then, he feel happy and loves Mehrab!


The short version is that in this episode...


The details of what happened in this episode...


Sourena Heshmati (Om Nom)

Mehrab Heshmati (Evan Coulton)


In The Real Cut The Rope Version Mehrab Heshmati Is Evan Coulton And Sourena Heshmati Is Om Nom

This Episode Is Can Be Shown By Many Alternative Method

After This Episode , Cardboard Box Can Be Unlocked


Access To Cardboard Box

Ability To Eat Candy

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Hidden Star

The hidden star is at the left on the wall when Sourena's scares Mehrab.