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Graeme Revell Bride of Chucky Chucky Proposes Plastic Love

Graeme Revell Bride of Chucky Chucky Proposes Plastic Love

Abass Supreme Is A Character In Cut The Rope Series , His A Minor Character In Cut The Rope : Original

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Abass Supreme Borned In 1986 , His Like Sweets , Honey And Many Other Foods , His The Leader Of Bees

Events Of 1986 :

Abass Supreme Was Borned In 1986 , His Mother And Father Are Moved To California , And They Are Taked Abass To The California Too

Events Of 1996 :

In 1996 Abass Goes To The California School , Following Abass's Mom And Dad Death , Abass Lived With His Grandparents

Events Of 2009 :

In 2009 , Abass Becomes A Leader Of Bees , Before Om Nom's Coming To Evan's House , Abass And His Bees Are Come Inside Mehrab's House And Stay In A Box , And Working Near The Evan's House Everyday

Events Of 2018-2019 :

In 2018 And 2019 , Abass And His Bees , Are Continue To Be Residents , After Sourena's Strange Delivery They Are Was In The Mehrab's House Basement A few Days Later Mehrab Puts Om Nom In Buzz Box , Abass Supreme And His Bees Are Seen Om Nom And The Candy , Abass Introducted Himself To Sourena And He Says He Sees Sourena's Strange Delivery Newspaper , And His Says That He Knows Sourena , But Sourena Don't Know Abass


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Cut The Rope : Original :

Level 1-10 Buzz Box

Level 2-10 Buzz Box

Level 3-10 Buzz Box

Level 4-10 Buzz Box


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