dragon bruce lee story

dragon bruce lee story

Spiders Or Michaels Crime Family Is A Criminal Organization Based On Cut The Rope : Original , Cut The Rope 2 And Cut The Rope : Experiments , They are led By Amir Thieves


Spiders Are Headed By Amir Thieves , And They Are Renegade , Abass Supreme And His Bees , Who Says That Spiders Want To Harass Everyone , Always Spiders Are Trying To Steal The Candy From Sourena , But Spiders Can't Be Success To Steal The Candy , The Spiders Are The Gameplay Elements Of The Cut The Rope : Original , And They Are Appears In The Start Of Cut The Rope 2 , But Not Gameplay Elements , In Om Nom Stories , They Are Appears In Seasons 3 , 8 And 9


Brian Michaels (UnderBoss)

Kevin Michaels

Rory Michaels (UnderBoss)

Engad McMahon (Brian's Girlfriend)

Amir Thieves (Leader)

Main Affications :

Sourena Heshmati "Om Nom" (Associate)

Mehrab Heshmati "Evan Coulton" (Associate)

The Nommies (Associate)

Billy Williams (Associate)

Abass Supreme (Associate)

Supreme's Bees (Associate)

The Mouse (Associate)

Forelli Family

Missions Primonet :

Cut The Rope : Original :

Spiders Are In Any Levels Of Level Packs , For More Of Spiders Appearances Look At Spiders/Apprarances

Cut The Rope 2 :

Unexpected Adventures