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Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars

Festive Surprise is a content update for Real World And Online World , initially released on December 18th , 2018

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Festive Surprise marks the second celebration of Christmas. It continues every year under the same name, succeeded by Festive Surprise 2015, another DLC with additional content, and Festive Surprise 2016 and 2017, events which re-released existing content from all previous years and released new content hidden in the game files of previous updates.

The update features all of the content from the Holiday Gifts update, along with new Christmas-themed content. Four new vehicles have been added, including the Vapid SlamvanRat-TruckMassacro (Racecar), and Jester (Racecar). Over ninety new festive clothing options and two new weapons, the Homing Launcher and Proximity Mines, are available. These are free, but available for a limited time while vehicles and the new weapons remain permanently available for purchase. Christmas trees have been added to all apartments. Also, thirty new tattoos are purchasable at all Tattoo Parlors. Snow also returned the game for a limited time.