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Prison Break (King Of Thieves)

Prison Break (King Of Thieves)
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Prison Break Is The First Storyline In King Of Thieves And Appears As A Tutorial Mission


The short version is that in this episode...


Amir Thieves Had Been Lashed In The Prison , Mike Daniels And Mehrab Are Tried To Save Amir From The Prison , They're Breaked Prison's Lock And They're Reached The Entry Room And Sees Two Traps , Mehrab , Mike And Amir , Third Escaped The Prison And Find A Dungeon In There , Mehrab , Mike And Amir Goes Inside The Dungeon And Mike Says To Amir , The Dungeon Is Amir And Mehrab's Dungeon


Mehrab Heshmati (Can't Be Seen In This Episode)

Mike Daniels

Amir Thieves


This Is The Only Episode , Mike Is Shown In This Game

This Is The First And Only Episode , Mehrab Is Can't Be Shown In This Episode

This Is The First Episode , Amir Thieves Is Shown In This Game